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Thousands of websites exist for a single solution. It’s your job, as the creator to make sure you can compete, and one way of doing so is ensuring a high SEO score.

1) Reliability Equals High Likability

Even if the content loads, what can a website’s quality stand on if it doesn’t load promptly?  The saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and this ties into the idea that sharing IS NOT caring. The quality of your work is diminished due to slow speeds caused by shared hosting.

We live in a fast paced environment that grants access to millions of websites at the click of a button on a laptop, to hitting the enter key on a touch screen cell phone. If your site is slow, servers such as Google will lowball your ranking, resulting in fewer search results for your work.

2) Keep It In The Neighborhood

Location! Location! Location!  Connecting with website users in your community makes for a quick and pleasant experience – allowing for viewers of specific interests to be sent to your website not only based on beneficial factors but geographical advantages as well. (Think express shopping without the extra fees.)

Simply put, if a website based in New York identifies their location status, its SEO rating will be stellar and consistent, as relevant traffic would be redirected to target sites.

Another perk? The closer the IP address is to the user, the faster the website loads.

3) Security

Like a door without a lock, a website with poor hosting can lead to the leaking of private information belonging to the creator of the site, as well as the information of its users. This results with the misuse of an individual’s identity. Servers have little tolerance for this activity. The wrongdoings of a hacker can jeopardize your SEO score and the future of your website.

This is something that is out of your control, but you can minimize the possibility by providing a secure host for your website.

4) Back Up

The higher quality servers SHOULD provide backup if something fails. Without this, involving a third party can lead to more significant problems.

Security breaches, web crashes, and bugs can all result in loss of data. Without backup, this can leave you starting at square one. This will have a negative impact on your SEO score.

5) Technical Support

Sometimes your website can “get sick”, and while you can’t hold tissues for it to blow its nose, it’s your job to ensure the best tech services via your host when needed. Without this, your site can spend more time on the sidelines due to even the smallest issues. And yes, you guessed it: More downtime means lower SEO scores.