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How Augmented Reality Can Change The Way We Search The Web

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for some time. However, it really came to life with the game Pokemon GO. The ability to see characters in a real-life setting excited many people across the globe. While that was fun, there are much more useful applications for the technology.

Another simple example is Snapchat. This is where you can look at filters that adapt to your face. Here, you can add stuff like bunny ears and flowers to a picture. In short, augmented reality is where your camera shows an image and then your phone places information over the top of it.

How can this help me?

Imagine you’re on holiday, for example, and want to see if a restaurant has a good rating. It can be frustrating trying to find the right one through a Google search. With AR, you’d have the possibility to point your phone at the restaurant and get the information straight away.

It offers you a shortcut that means you can avoid using a variety of different apps. Instead, you have all the information sent to you instantly. Businesses and developers will rapidly react to make sure that users don’t miss out.

Helping you to shop


AR could revolutionize the way we shop. Barcode scanners have been around for a while, but AR could do this more easily. Imagine seeing a bicycle that you like on the street. With AR, you could automatically find the information on its brand and where you can buy it.

You could also hold your phone over any item and see where to get it the cheapest. This is would end the need for frustrating internet searches. It would make shopping easier than ever before, as AR would give you all the information instantly.

Expanding your knowledge

One of the reasons that people search the internet is to get more information. Trying to see what a monument is called, finding opening hours for businesses, or getting the name of a painting would be some examples. There are an incredible number of searches made each day.

With AR you would be able to point your phone at a monument and find out key information. That could be its name, its age, the materials used to construct it, and a lot more. It makes searching a lot easier. This could be done for anything and create a fun experience.


PokemonGo showed what is possible with AR but it could be used for a lot more fun than that. You could use AR with virtual porn to get an intimate experience. Virtual reality (VR) has given people the opportunity to see immersive videos. Imagine, however, having the same experience with your own living room as the background.

Having VR sex videos in that setting would be an experience many would enjoy. There is no doubt that these types of experiences will come in time. This could lead to a drop in internet porn searches, as people look for a unique experience.

More to come

Having augmented reality enables you to have information placed over what you can see. This has been tried before, but with limited technology and limited success. The technology is improving to a point where it will soon be a part of everyday lives.

Searching the web has been an intrinsic part of the way people live for a long time now. With advancements in AR, that could all change. Soon we will be able to let an app do all the searching for us and make life even easier.